About BeDirect

BeDirect Messaging is a secure way of providing a simple yet cost-effective method to transport electronic health information among trusted recipients over the Internet.
BeDirect Messaging is built upon the Direct Project, a national transport standard for electronic health information. Regular e-mail is not encrypted end to end and therefore it is not HIPAA compliant.
Direct protocol mitigates the risks of regular email by providing an easy way for each licensed medical professional to share health information in a secure way. This can be done even by those providers without an Electronic Health Record.
The connectivity is simple and secure. It can be used as a way of communicating between two individuals (eg: a physician sending a summary of a patient's medical record to another physician as part of a referral) or between a machine and an individual (eg: Electronic Health Record sending automatically messages to a physician who opens and reads it).

How it works

A BeDirect sender would:
- log into the
- compose a message
- attach the relevant information (CCR document produced by your EHR, scanned documents in PDF, etc)
- press Send

Behind the scene, BeDirect:
- authenticates the identity of the sender
- encrypts the message
- routes the message to the sender's mail box or to another HISP

The BeDirect receiver would:
- log into their HISP
- read the message
- incorporate the information into the EHR if necessary

Although this looks simple for the end user, don't let this deceive you. There is a lot of complexity that we handle under the hood.